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I’ll show you how to have easy, effortless relationships with anyone in your life.



get a bad rap sometimes.

The story out there is that they're hard work. Intimidating. Confusing. Exhausting. It’s as if deep down we suspect that only the shiny-haired people of the world are blessed with the Great Relationships Gene™ while the rest of us are left to fumble in the dark, doing it wrong and ending up alone and unsuccessful, or with the wrong person and unhappy.

I know how difficult relationships can feel when you’re right in the thick of it, consumed with whatever has just happened, and looking at your partner or the people around you as if they are the enemy. It’s hard to see the light or any solution from that position.

The good news is relationships don’t have to be hard work. They don’t have to be intimidating or confusing or exhausting.

In fact, they can actually be easy.


I’m Fiona Lukeis...

And I can show you how to have an easy, effortless, awesome relationship with absolutely anyone in your life - your partner, your children, your team, your network, your community. Anyone.

Being good at relationships opens doors

It builds bridges and mends fences. It grows businesses and connects networks. It nurtures families and creates communities.

It brings people together.


You know those kinds of people who are so easy to be around? Who just seem to naturally attract people, build communities and hire the right person? The measure of their success is not some mythical gene but their capacity to listen, free of judgment, to not take things so personally, to let go of upset and to see another human being for who they truly are and not just the version they can see through the lens of their own thinking.

In a nutshell, they’re skilled at relationships.


But being good at relationships isn’t a skill you either have or you don’t (again no mythical gene).


It’s a simple skill you can learn.

A skill that will give you the confidence to walk into a boardroom and address a panel of peers, to handle challenges and resolve conflict with ease, to lead and motivate a productive team, to build a strong, loving, dynamic marriage and enjoy close, supportive friendships.

No matter what happens.

A breath of fresh air

for relationships

It’s time to put aside everything you’ve been told, and everything you believe you know, about relationships and how they work. About how hard they are, how confusing they are, how impossible they are. Be ready to see something different, to see yourself and the people around you differently - because a completely fresh and new perspective is right here.

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“After working with Fiona I am now living a life that I could never imagine. In a way it’s too good to be true but it truly is. I have met and attracted people along my path that I never normally thought could be possible. I’m free of all the harsh judgements, fear and negativity and I am staying true to myself as a human being”

- Anh Tran



“Working with Fiona has completely changed the way I see life now. It’s as if my past has been re-written, nothing changed yet everything is different”.

- Jennifer Marr

"In three short months, Fiona has guided me towards total transformation within, so much so, that friends, family and colleagues have all noticed a significant difference in me on all levels and more importantly, I am now a much more empowered human being with the awareness of self to now live my life consciously and purposefully, in touch with my inner wisdom and guidance."

- Michael Lauria

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