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we talk a lot about systems, strategies, and outcomes. But underpinning our strategic thinking and our creativity, our problem-solving and our system-building, is something a lot more human. The way we relate, connect and understand one another.

It’s all about tapping into the life force of your company, the beating heart of your organisation – the people who work for you and with you.

Cultivating the right mindset and work culture is crucial not only to business longevity and success but to the overall health, happiness, and productivity of your company. And building and nurturing relationships with committed, motivated and devoted employees is the key to building better, long-term relationships with your customers and clients.

It’s the fundamental human element that powers all our capabilities. And it’s the missing link that leaders and businesses often overlook.

The 4-Day

Leaders Intensive

The Leaders Intensive program is an immersive 4-day experience away from the demands and distractions of daily life, to help kick start you into a powerful new way of thinking and understanding of the world, the workplace and yourself. The intensive time frame of the program is designed for maximum impact and change in the least amount of time, and to create momentum and leverage for you, both personally and professionally.

In our one-on-one sessions, I’ll guide you through an understanding of the principles I teach, and how they impact our ability to lead, influence and drive change along with our capacity for higher level thinking and innovation. There’s plenty of space in between our morning and afternoon sessions to reflect and allow for this understanding to ‘land’. 



This powerful program is tailored to the specific needs of your business or organisation with preparation sessions beforehand and follow-up sessions by phone afterwards. All supporting materials and resources included.

The intensive is available on its own or as part of a longer one-on-one program. 



“Thank you Fiona for so many things. Thank you for allowing me to take a step back and notice and accept who I am. Thank you through your mentoring program, for giving me the space I needed to grow in my understanding of not only the 3p’s but myself. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to help people but never knew how and you have given me the guidance I needed to find my path. The courage and strength to take the plunge. You’re presence, honesty, wisdom and care every single session not only makes me feel amazing afterwards but teaches me how to be with my own clients. You’re a true example of how I’d love to influence and coach others. What more could a student ask for.”

- Rebecca D'angelo Owner Mrs Splashback

The Building Better Teams


Collaboration. Cooperation. Innovation. Unleash the hidden potential of your team with the Building Better Teams Program. From immersive group trainings and team retreats to individual coaching and online resources, this groundbreaking program is designed to energise your team, transform the workplace culture and work flow, and provide your team with a powerful toolbox to work from to:

  • Develop greater resiliency, initiative and creativity
  • Step up into leadership positions
  • Work more responsively and productively as a team
  • Connect with more prospects and convert more leads
  • And ultimately, win more business.

The insights, clarity and understanding your staff will experience will benefit not only your business and workplace, but will set in motion a powerful ripple effect across every aspect of their lives, in turn further impacting your business, and your bottom line. 


“I have absolutely loved working with Fiona. I felt that my understanding deepened more in just one month working with Fiona than it did in one year doing my own study. She is so knowledgeable and has a way of teaching that landed for me every time.”

- Rochelle Gance – Mind Body Health Coach

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