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As a coach,

consultant or practitioner in a crowded market,

Your impact is your greatest leverage. This is not about quick fixes. It’s about helping your clients experience profound, lasting change - and the power of insight is the key. Insight-based change is transformational, it’s life-changing and it’s possible through sharing and teaching the understanding of the principles.

There’s an opportunity right now to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking work in Australia. This revolutionary understanding is gaining traction here at a rapid rate and there’s a strong need for more practitioners in Australia. This is your chance to be part of this wave of change. I offer a 12-month mentoring program as well as an online self-study program, which can be taken separately or as part of the mentoring program. 


Deepen Your Impact

Online Program

Deepen Your Impact is an online self-study program, with videos
filmed during a special live 
training held in 2019 with Barbara Patterson and myself. 


Over the course of two days, with an amazing group of service providers, coaches, consultants and practitioners, we explored the real source of transformation, impact and growth with our clients and looked at how to create an environment that allows for these profound shifts to happen,for real change that sticks.

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A payment plan is available.

The 4-Day Intensive


Ever wondered what actually happens in a 4-day intensive with a client? Would you like to learn how to set one up, how to structure and guide it, and how to prepare your client both before and afterwards, so you can help deliver the most impactful results for them? 

The 4-Day Intensive is an incredibly effective way to create long term change. You can see results in four days that can otherwise take weeks or months to achieve with weekly or fortnightly sessions. 

There’s also something very special and humbling about spending this one-on-one time with your clients. Partnering with them through the process and watching the gentle and profound awakening that unfolds is both an enriching experience and an absolute privilege. And it’s a powerful tool to have in your practice.


As a practitioner of this work I want you to feel confident about offering this service to your clients. So I’ve created a program where I guide you through my own personal process that I use with all my clients, including a co-coaching 4-day intensive with a client of your choice, along with all audios and resources and supporting material. 

If you’re keen to find out more, book a call with me below.

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A payment plan is available.

The Mentoring


Each year I accept a select number of practitioners into my 12-month mentoring program. This program is aimed at coaches, consultants and service-based practitioners who may already have an understanding and experience of this work, and who wish to deepen their grounding and implement the power of the principles in their own practice. 

My intention is to provide a deeply-grounded and meaningful experience for my students that creates impact and leverage both personally and professionally. The program is uniquely tailored to the individual and focuses on three key areas: the student’s grounding in the principles, their work with others and their practice as a business.


Over the course of 12 months, we will work together in an active partnership where your learning and development is my highest priority. Due to the considerable time and energy given to each student, numbers are limited and access to this program is strictly application only. 

The power of


The power of mentorship is an extraordinary thing. Having anexperienced and trusted ally and teacher by your side who is focused solely on your personal and professional development, can elevate you to astonishing new levels, not only in your work but in every aspect of your life.


I’ve been exceptionally lucky to be mentored by some of the greatest teachers of this work - George and Linda Pranksy, Elsie Spittle and Dicken Bettinger to name a few. And my own growth and development as a result, as a coach, mentor and facilitator has been exponential. Being able to bounce ideas, discuss client sessions and gain valuable insight and feedback is crucial to your development and grounding as a practitioner.

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A payment plan is available.


"I have known Fiona for around four years and witnessed first hand her ability to coach/mentor fellow coaches on what it takes to be a great coach.  Fiona has vast depth of knowledge, with over 10,000 hours coaching/mentoring experience on a diverse number of topics including, relationships, leadership, business, marketing and her grounding as a Three Principles Practitioner here in Australia is quite unique as she really knows her craft."

- Jennifer Marr – Jennifer Marr Coaching

I have absolutely loved working with Fiona.
I felt that my understanding deepened more in just one month working with Fiona than it did in one year doing my own study. She is so knowledgeable and has a way of teaching that landed for me every time. I feel that working with has Fiona helped me so much with my own grounding. As a result of working with Fiona I went from feeling like a victim to feeling resilient, from feeling dependent to feeling self sufficient and from suffering to suffering way less. Working with her has not only given me the confidence and understanding to work with clients but her program has also enabled me to have conversations with potential clients where I am able to show them that the value that I have to offer and what is possible for them.
I highly recommend her 12 month mentor program to anyone who wants to become a practitioner and work with clients in the 3P understanding."

- Rochelle Gance – Mind Body Health Coach

"Thank you Fiona for so many things. Thank you for allowing me to take a step back and notice and accept who I am. Thank you through your mentoring program, for giving me the space I needed to grow in my understanding of not only the 3p’s but myself. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to help people but never knew how and you have given me the guidance I needed to find my path. The courage and strength to take the plunge. You’re presence, honesty, wisdom and care every single session not only makes me feel amazing afterwards but teaches me how to be with my own clients. You’re a true example of how I’d love to influence and coach others. What more could a student ask for."

- Rebecca D'angelo – Owner Mrs Splashback
3P Practitioner

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