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Discover how to harness the power of a good feeling in your relationship and come back to a place of playful, light-hearted connection with each other. My programs for couples are fun and easy. They’re designed to help you see yourselves and each other through a different lens, and have a deeper understanding of how the mind works and how our thinking creates our experience of the world.

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My personal coaching programs for individuals will help to ‘slow your head down’ so you can free yourself from the exhausting cycle of overthinking and feel a greater sense of clarity and calm. Tailor-made to your own unique, personal situation, my programs will help you have a deeper understanding of how the mind works and how our thinking creates our experience of the world, so you can release what has been holding you back for years and even decades.

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Learn how to deepen your impact with your clients and help more people in your service-based practice. My programs for coaches, consultants and practitioners explore the real source of transformation, impact and growth with clients and how to create an environment that allows for these profound, lasting shifts to happen.

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Discover the fundamental human element that powers all our capabilities and is the missing link that leaders and businesses often overlook. My programs for teams and leaders will help transform workplace culture, empower and unify your team and improve the overall health, happiness and productivity of your company.

“ Since working with Fiona, My life has changed on quite an amazing level.
I now relate to myself and my thoughts in a totally different way, in a way that offers such comfort, security, warmth and higher connection with myself and my way of being and thinking.”

- Vanessa Aitken

“ Understanding the inside out nature of the human experience through Fiona’s guidance has completely changed the way I live my life. I don’t take myself so seriously. And there is a level of peace and trust that I have never felt before.”

- Naomi Fletcher

"Fiona is someone that I trust implicitly. She shows up….. always and in allways. Every conversation we have I discover something about myself and I feel calmer and more peaceful. Life seems easier and simpler and I feel truly heard. Fiona is my go to person when I am life ever looks rocky. For this I love and trust her."

- Roz Wright

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