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A Special Two-Day Practitioner Training recorded live with
Fiona Lukeis and Barbara Patterson

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Are you a service provider,, consultant or practitioner and would like to deepen your impact and expand your reach with your clients and the people in your community?

  • Do you currently have a practice, or are you thinking about going into practice?
  • Would you like to create an environment that allows for profound shifts in your clients – real change that sticks?
  • Do you wonder if you have what it takes to create change and help your client get results?
  • Do you struggle with actually charging for your time and expertise?

If so,

you’ll love what we have to share with you in this profound and impactful two-day training

The cornerstone of any successful service, coaching or therapy practice is the quality of work you do with your clients. This is the variable that sets you apart. In a crowded and busy market, your impact is your greatest leverage.

It’s all about the space you come from.

Having a deeply profound and sustainable impact is less about what you know and more about your ability to be present and real, to get to the heart of the matter and create an environment of change.

“The two days spent in this training with Fiona and Barb were absolutely priceless. So many aha moments where the penny dropped and I could see where I had been over complicating things and how much easier it can be to guide my clients to a deeper and more profound place in a session. If you want to really make a difference in your client work, I highly recommend this training, I know it will help me for years to come.”

- Rebecca D’Angelo - Melbourne Practitioner and course participant

Deepen your impact,


Recording of 2-day live training with Fiona Lukeis and Barbara Patterson

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We know how much you want to make a difference and how easy it can be to get stuck and overwhelmed in a session, where it can seem as though you’re spinning your wheels and not getting the traction you really want to get with your clients.

Which is why we recorded this live and unique two day event.

Over the course of six sessions, recorded live in a special two-day event, we cover everything you need to connect authentically and powerfully with your clients.

You will learn what happens during a session, what to do when you get stuck and so much more. With over 25 years of combined experience, Fiona and Barbara offer some powerful insights that will propel your understanding of how to truly deepen your impact and expand your reach.


What’s inside...

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Session 1

In Session 1 you will get an overview of the training, learn about the power of the principles and what the major point of leverage is in your work with clients.
We’ll look at:

  • What really creates leverage in a session
  • Why The Principles are not about Positive Psychology and Mindset work
  • Being in true partnership with your clients
  • What you’re really listening for in a session
  • What ‘grounding’ is and why it’s crucial in your client work
  • The power of ‘neutrality; as a practitioner.
  • What happens during a session - and what to do when you get stuck
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Session 2

In Session 2 you will learn the four main areas that really matter as a coach,
practitioner or therapist. Understand these and you have everything you need to guide your clients to long term transformational change.
We’ll look at:

  • The horizontal vs the vertical dimension, and why it’s so important when it comes to creating impact
  • The power of insight and how to guide your clients there
  • Levels of consciousness and what that means in a session
  • Why it’s the understanding that does the heavy lifting, not the practitioner
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Session 3

In Session 3 you will learn how to deal with self doubt as a coach or practitioner, and what it means to listen with a present and free mind.
We’ll look at:

  • What it means to be of service
  • Listening to understand
  • Rapport and connection and why this matters
  • What you are really pointing your clients to
Deepen Icon - 4 Module

Session 4

In Session 4 you will learn how to look for progress in your clients, why being
‘real’ is a powerful differentiator in the work you do, and the power of soul-to-soul connection.
We’ll look at:

  • Waking people up to the truth of who they are
  • How to listen for the deeper intelligence in the exchange
  • How to create intimacy with your clients
  • What’s really doing the heavy lifting in a session.
Deepen Icon - 5 Module

Session 5

In Session 5 you will learn why pointing your clients towards a powerful universal truth is more impactful than getting them to revisit the past or examine their memories or behaviours.
We’ll look at:

  • Why the change agent isn't on you, so you can take the pressure off
  • The power of curiosity and the danger of assumptions
  • Trusting what’s coming through to you in the moment with a client
  • Understanding when your client is ‘full’ and what to do when this happens.
Deepen Icon- 6 Module

Session 6

In Session 6 you will learn why seeing the innate health of your client at all times is so important, and why ‘staying a student’ helps to keep seeing things with fresh eyes.
We’ll look at:

  • What seeing ‘the innate health of your client’ means
  • How ‘concern creates concern’ and the dangers of buying into your client’s problem
  • Why you need to see your clients as whole and complete
  • How to have humility and respect for what you see.


Exclusive Bonuses

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Bonus 1

2 Bonus Classes - 'Why Are The Principals Different?' and 'Where Do I Start?'

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Bonus 2

 2 Bonus Classes - 'The Power Of Potential' and 'The Coaches State Of Mind'

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Bonus 3

2 Bonus Classes - 'Your Relationship With Mind' and 'Where We Come From'


“I loved these two days, for me many things simply clicked into place. It felt as though I was finally able to put all of the pieces into a puzzle. Fiona and Barb really helped us to trust what shows up in a session, why this really matters and the difference between listening for a clients innate health versus their problem was absolute gold. Being able to watch the recordings has taken me right back there. I now feel as though I can finally help people simply and easily. Thank you so much Fiona and Barb."

- Roz Wright QLD Practitioner and course participant


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“Fiona’s way of explaining things and her passion for helping coaches and practitioners is so infectious. She has a way of helping you to really see what’s possible and how to zero in on what’s really important. I have found this training with her and Barb to be illuminating around what to focus on in a session, the space I show up from and how being curious, curious and even more curious matters. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to work in this space."

- Jen Marr - Melbourne Practitioner and course participant

Your facilitators

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Fiona Lukeis

Fiona Lukeis has been a leading coach, mentor and facilitator in the personal and professional development field for more than a decade, developing and facilitating programs and events right across Australia.

Fiona has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to help simplify and transform their relationships. She has spent many years mentoring service providers, coaches and practitioners across a diverse range of fields so they can have a greater impact with their clients and practices.

Having seen the life changing impact of this work first hand with her clients and coaching students, Fiona is passionate about sharing this understanding with the broader community and is at the forefront of developing more coaches and practitioners in Australia.

Barbara Patterson

Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company helping entrepreneurs, leaders and their organisations have fresh ideas, create incredible impact, and profit from stronger performance.

Barb has worked in the personal, professional and organisational development field for over 25 years. She has partnered with and coached businesses, executive leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe. Barb has worked both internally as a top executive and has owned her own business.

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