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This is the next best thing to working with me one-on-one. Everything I have learned, experienced and implemented with my clients, from over 11 years in private practice and over 10,000 clinical hours, I have poured it all into this course.

Relatable is everything I wish I’d known about how relationships work, how our minds work, how we create our human experience of life and how that impacts our relationships with ourselves and others. This is the fundamental life skill we all need to teach ourselves and our children, and share with our colleagues and teams.

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“At times I have felt like I’ve been in the eye of the storm going through the grief of a relationship that is complete, but the change work I did with Fiona rings clearly in my ears every day and I just trust. The relationship I have with my ex partner is peaceful. I have learned to look within and be gentle on myself and just trust.

If my life is a tapestry Fiona has been a beautiful strong red thread that has helped hold me together these last few months. My daughters and I are so grateful for her support.”

- Attalia Egerton


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